LAMP AQUACORRECTOR TSC is a device for photon, resonance-wave, information-active, spin-field, non-drug, personalized initiation of autocorrection of the functional state. Designed to initiate auto-correction and balance in the body and space of viruses, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, helminths, their toxins. To restore the body at the energy, genetic, cellular, organ levels.

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AQUACORRECTOR LAMP TSC (hereinafter referred to as LAMP AC-TSC) is a device for photon, information-active, spin-field, personalized initiation of auto-correction of the functional state of the organism. Designed to initiate autocorrection and balance in the body and space of viruses, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, helminths, their toxins.  Forthe initiation of autocorrection of the consequences of the action of parasitic microflora in the human body, animals, plants.  Toinitiate the body’s autorecover at the energy, cellular, neuronal, gene, organ, and functional levels.  Forthe rejuvenation of the body.  Toinitiate the restoration of energy-informational exchange within the body and the body with the surrounding space.  Forenergy-informational cleansing in the living space of a person and cleaning his karma. The radiation of the device provides a quick and effective structuring of water, products and food, making them useful, easily digestible and environmentally friendly.

When initiating autocorrection of the functional state of the body, the following processes are possible:

  • restoration of the energy-information field (aura, biofield) of a person;
  • cleaning karma, erasing the cause of the disease, eliminating energy attachments;
  • initiation of autocorrection of activity in the organs of inflammatory and chronic processes that are associated with the presence of parasitic microflora in the body: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths and their toxins;
  • destruction in the organs of stones, sand, salt deposits, cholesterol, vasoconstriction;
  • detoxification and removal of all “toxins” from the body;
  • the passage in the body of the processes of recovery and regeneration at the cellular, gene, organ, neurophysiological, functional and mental levels;
  • restoration of energy-informational connections within the body and energy-information exchange with the energy of Outer Space, the Earth and the Earth’s magnetic field (these energies provide biological life on Earth);
  • with a healthy spirit and body, a person receives self-realization, initiation by the Holy Spirit, a second birth, which, ultimately, means “nourishment by the Holy Spirit” – the energy of God, your body connects to an infinite source of energy that ensures your health, well-being and joy of existence;
  • suppression of parasitic microflora in the body, restoration of energy, aura and functional state of the body at the gene, cellular, organ, neuro-physiological levels, restoration, unloading of the immune system, suppression of inflammatory processes, anesthesia in case of injuries, wounds, bone fractures, wound healing, bone fusion, restoration of muscle trophism, vascular patency, elimination of dysbiosis, osteochondrosis, deposition of salts and stones in organs, blood thinning, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, improving the condition of the skin, eyes and vision, normalizing the metabolism of water-salt metabolism, the work of the gastrointestinal tract, restoring the subtle energy system and energy-information exchange with space, restoring the biological integrity of the body and its control systems (brain structures), rejuvenating the body according to new DNA and improving the body.


  1. Initiation of autocorrection of the functional state for the improvement and normalization of the body (provided by systematic work with all organs in the body).
  2. Raising human energy, purifying and restoring the three energy channels (past, present and future). Cleansing the chakras and restoring their rotation. Supplying energy to the human body and pumping it out. Purification of the subtle energy system of a person and his karma, setting up energy protection.
  3. Energy-informational cleaning of space, premises, sleeping places, things and any other objects. The light energy of the lamp penetrates through the walls and objects through a certain time.
  4. Work with household appliances (computer, tablet, mobile phone charging, TV, slow cooker, bread maker, etc.) through the apparatus LAMP AC-TSC model 2 and above. All devices begin to emit light, thermal, electromagnetic field with right-handed spin polarization, which supports biological life on Earth. The right spin polarization of the radiation of computer monitors, tablets, phones and televisions excludes   the damaging effects of all types of radiation.
  5. Obtaining structured water and food. All products and water processed in such devices become environmentally friendly, with natural energy, ideal in taste, easily digested, have a high efficiency and at the same time the amount of food eaten decreases; food becomes medicine.
  6. Recording (transferring) the properties of the donor sample through the AP prays to the paramat LAMP AC-TSC (model 2R and above) on water and water media. The device can accumulate up to several hundred integral images of the functional state of aquatic systems, while the dominant remains the latter.
  7. The light of the spotlight provides activation of the growth of plants and animals, increases their productivity, removes parasites and eliminates diseases.

Water, structured by the apparatus, is information-active (300 herbs, 200 medicines, 40 stones, trees, prayers, etc.), antioxidant, detoxifier, oncoprotector, radioprotector, initiates autocorrection of vital activity of viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths, initiates an increase in proliferative activity and vital activity of cells, blood thinning, red blood cells are separated in it and all parasites are disconnected from them, restores the body’s energy,  initiates the activation of the protective functions of the body, synchronizes and restores the biorhythms of the body, relieves fatigue and stress, improves the taste of drinks and alcoholic beverages, the shelf life of food products. Structured water acquires a natural state and acts in the body as a relay of the energy of Space and the Earth, normalizing the subtle energy system and physiological state.

With the spin structuring of water, all the information-structured globules, consisting of many hundreds and thousands of single molecules, collapse in it, all molecules twist and acquire the right natural spin, all substances that have left back are destroyed: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, their toxins, radioactive particles, mechanical impurities and even soluble salts settle into the sediment. Only informationally pure structured water in the form of single molecules can instantly penetrate into the cell of the body through the membrane and ensure metabolism, water-salt metabolism, its division and energy production in it, eliminates dehydration of the body and its aging.

It is necessary to use only informationally pure water in an amount of at least one liter per day with the addition of NaCl salt to a glass in an amount of 0.9 g / l (physiological solution). One glass of structured water provides the body with a daily dose of antioxidant and blood thinning.

Water, structured by the TSC lamp apparatus, becomes “living” water, it is similar (fractal) to the energy of Outer Space (God) and through it, according to the resonance-wave principle, information and energy of God, the Sun, the Earth and the Earth’s magnetic field enter the body. Thus, the divine task of water on Earth is realized.

To improve the quality of products and their digestibility, we recommend that you treat (structure) with  the LAMP AC-TSC device meat and dairy products, yeast bread, water from the city water supply network, water from plastic bottles, vegetables and fruits grown with the use of chemical fertilizers and processed for long-term storage, coffee, cocoa, sweets, carbonated drinks, kvass, beer, alcoholic beverages.  vodka, cognac), it acquires the best taste, does not give deep intoxication, hangover syndrome, is quickly excreted from the blood, liver and body.

Design and principle of operation

LAMP AQUACORRECTOR TSC is an electronic antiphase photon device for initiating autocorrection of the functional state. Spin-polarized radiation (provided by two halogen lamps / ceramic lamps of the IR range / combined version): photon radiation, thermal (infrared) radiation, energy-informational (deeply penetrating) radiation, where energy-information copies are broadcast herbs, medicines, stones, trees and prayers. Also, there is an additional functionof recording the information  signaland for broadcasting (programs in the format of AQUAINITIATOR) at the request of the customer.  The highest efficiency of the device is provided by almost 100% feedback in the current time mode, that is, every moment the functional state of the organism is taken into account, it is possible to correct deviations from the norm of its field on the basis of spin energy at the resonant frequencies of all organs to the DNA level and the initiation of autocorrection of the energy-information field of parasitic microflora between two rotating spin-polarized quantum fluxes of photons in antiphase mode is ensured.  The causes that can cause various functional disorders, as it were, are “erased” from the energy-information field of the Earth and man and cease to exist, then the restoration of the energy-information field and auto-regeneration of the organism at the gene, cellular, organ, functional levels is ensured in the body, the body is rejuvenated at the DNA level.

Spin-polarized radiation of the device is similar to sunlight, which ensures the formation of the so-called vitamin D in the body (this is spin-polarized energy in the body, ensuring its holistic functioning).

The device implements various modes of operation

  • DC mode, denoted by ““, is recommended for initiation of autocorrection of parasitic microflora, rapid wound healing, fusion of broken bones, anesthesia, regeneration of the body and restoration of its functional and energy states, elimination of DNA breakdowns, rejuvenation of the body according to new DNA;
  • alternating current mode “~“, recommended for initiating autocorrection of parasitic microflora, especially helminths, enhancing metabolism in the cell, cleaning blood, lymph, bone tissue, destroying the deposition of salts and stones, thrombosis of blood vessels, vasodilation, elimination of the reticulum of blood vessels, removal of toxins from the body;
  • the mode of constant pulse current “∩”, gives the incandescence of half the power of the lamp, provides an increase in the efficiency of the mode “~”..

When working with the light of the lamp, it is advisable to wear clothes made of light fabric (cotton, linen) or it is better to work on an open area of the body, turning on the necessary mode of operation:

  • the main mode of initiation of autocorrection processes for the improvement and normalization of the functional state of the body (in the morning after sleep 30 min. and in the evening before bedtime 30 min., the course of 45 days). Additionally, receiving informationally purified water, listening to programs in the format of AQUAINIATOR;
  • the mode of initiation of autocorrection processes leading to the destruction of stones and sand in the kidneys and gallbladder;
  • mode of initiation of autocorrection processes leading to suppression of fungi on the toes and hands;
  • mode of initiation of autocorrection processes leading to suppression of psoriasis;
  • mode of initiation of autocorrection processes leading to suppression of glaucoma, cataracts, inflammation in the eyes, retinal detachment and adhesions. As you clear your brain, you’ll look at the bright light with your eyes open;
  • mode of initiation of autocorrection processes leading to cleaning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the mode of initiation of autocorrection processes leading to the suppression of trichinosis (osteochondrosis, fatty tissues, nodules in the thyroid gland, compaction in the chest, in the muscles);
  • mode of initiation of autocorrection processes, leading to the suppression of other types of helminths.

Detailed instructions for working with each mode included.

Comparison of modifications

LAMP AC-TSC 2 and LAMP AC-TSC 1.3 have additional features and functions

  • more effective electron spin normalizer and more efficient reading of information from a person;
  • the ability to connect to the device LAMP AC-TSC 2 and LAMP AC-TSC 2.3 household appliances: computer, TV, charging mobile phone, lamps, kettles, slow cooker, etc., which eliminates the negative radiation of these devices and ensures the production of structured products, water: environmentally friendly products; increases by 1.5-2 times the service life of batteries;
  • in the device LAMP AC-TSC 1.3 and LAMP AC-TSC 2.3 realized the vertical position of the lamp, which provides better chakra unwinding, raises kundalini, reveals Sahasrara.

In the device LAMP AC-TSC 2R the function of recording (transferring) properties is implemented.  Reagent-free transfer of beneficial properties from animal donor samples (medicinal herbs, beekeeping products, minerals and much more) to water and aquatic environments through field effects.

Models of the IR series  are equipped with ceramic lamps of the IR range.  At the request of the customer, itis possible to supply lamps with combined emitters.


  • If the device fails, do not try to fix it yourself.
  • With proper operation in accordance with the instructions, the manufacturer guarantees the operation of the device for 12 months from the date of sale.
  • The warranty does not apply if the device has signs of external damage and openings!
  • The service life of the device is 5 years or more.

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Product Declaration

The use of autocorrectors of the “VITON” series has nothing to do with medicine. This product cannot be used as a direct substitute for any medication and is not used to diagnose, relieve, treat or prevent any disease. Its use does not mean the rejection of medical methods of treatment. If you suspect the occurrence of any diseases, contact your doctor first.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the configuration and characteristics of the goods without notice. At the same time, the functional and qualitative indicators of the goods remain the same or only improve.

For the best impact, it is recommended to use the device in combination with the following products:

  • ISI is an intelligent system for initiating specified properties in aquasystems. It is an integral part of the technologies of system correction. The effect of the device is achieved by translating combinations of acoustic and electromagnetic signals obtained using a research hardware and software complex based on devices of the series “TITANIA” (water must be purified and ininfo-free) and aquatic environments. Allows you to transfer / “record” programs in aquainitiator format in the acoustic, infrared, optical and other ranges of electro-magnetic waves, which makes it possible to effectively transfer the beneficial properties of donor samples (medicinal herbs, products) beekeeping, minerals and much more) on the substance.
  • AQUAINITIATOR of individual (targeted) influence – triggers the regeneration of the body to its natural state.  The process of restoring the original integrity of the damaged structure (the original “drawing”) is underway. The program in the format of AQUAINIATOR builds in the life field of human events situations that are necessary and favorable to him.
  • Aquaconditioners series “TITANIA”. Devices with multi-stage systemtheme of water conditioning. TITANIA conditions water using electrochemistry and biophotonics methods at the molecular level, being purified from almost any substances and influences harmful to the human body, acquiring as a result of processing special combinations of electric currents and modulated physical fields, the most complete range of useful properties. Healing largely depends on how clean and healthy water a person drinks, since he himself consists of water.

What are AQUACORRECTOR series devices?

AQUACORRECTOR is a unique device. It is a former of the flow of dexterous fields (the right-turning field relative to the movement of the energy flow), as well as a converter of the flow of left-spiral fields into right-spiral ones in the entire natural spectrum of frequencies and the human biofield in the frequency range from zero to infinity. In the scope of its action, aquacorrector removes negative energy (left-spiral field) created by geopathic zones, electronic devices:

computers, televisions, mobile phones, copiers, powerful mobile transmission stations and so on; as well as the negative energy of human psychophysical activity. AQUACORRECTOR is a neutralizer of negative energies and an activator of the action of the positive energy of space. The aquacorrector provides on its way a homogeneous fractal-spin orientation of the flow of energy in space and molecules in matter. The right-wing orientation of quasiparticles is natural and primordial and ensures the progressive development of life and natural processes on Earth. It is believed that at each point in space, as in a hologram, correct information is recorded about the development of the Universe from the beginning to its end, including about every person living on Earth. AQUACORRECTOR provides long-term retention of the coherent spin state of material bodies and space.

Structured water

Structured water has unique properties:

  • in the volume of water, the information acquired by water during its existence and processing is completely erased. Information from programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format is easily transferred (recorded) to the water.
  • it has a right-handed (right) spin polarization of molecules, fractal (similar) energy of Outer Space. Through such water, the body receives energy and restores the energy exchange of the body and outer space, the energy of which restores the body at the energy, cellular and organ levels;
  • water has an extremely finely dispersed structure;
  • suppresses the vital activity of pathogenic microflora;
  • provides detoxification of the body;
  • restores cellular metabolism, input-salt exchange and energy-information exchange with Outer Space; provides regeneration of humans and animals at the energy-informational, cellular and organ levels.

Structured water is recommended to water animals and water plants.

1. Due to different monitor and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown in the pictures.
2.Please allow slight size difference due to different manual measurement.




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