AQUACORRECTOR OF ENERGY, MASSAGER – normalizer of energy and functional state, magnetic spin ion massager for face and body


AQUACORRECTOR OF ENERGY, MASSAGER – normalizer of energy and functional state, personalized for each person (works in close action mode – up to 10 cm). Analogue AQUACORRECTORA TSC with the function of complex reflex-restorative massage and spin magnetic ultrasonic vibration ion lifting for the face and body. Also, designed for spin structuring of water and food with recording the necessary information on them, for prevention and recovery Body.

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AQUACORRECTOR OF ENERGY, MASSAGER – normalizer of energy and functional state, personalized for each person (works in close action mode – up to 10 cm). Analogue of AQUACORRECTOR TSC with the function of complex reflex-restorative massage and spin magnetic ultrasonic vibration ion lifting for face and body. Also, designed for spin structuring of water and food with recording the necessary information on them, for prevention and recovery Body.

“Complex regenerative energy-informational spin-field autocorrection” is a new unique technology for drug-free recovery of the body and its rejuvenation.


The device is designed to initiate the autotransformation of negative, destructive energies in space and matter, to suppress the vital activity of parasitic microflora and eliminate the consequences of their action in the human body, animals, plants, to activate the action of the positive energies of the Earth and the Cosmos to regenerate the body.  AQUACORRECTOR organizes in the body the correct quantum state of tissue energy to the level of the atom: a right-handed field similar to the primordial energy of Outer Space. The “pure” energy of space, freed from left-handed fields (negative energy-informational radiation), is defined as the norm. This energy ensures the existence and development of a highly organized life without diseases. In the field of the device, energy-information copies of more than 300 herbs, more than 40 stones, more than 200 drugs, more than 100 prayers, etc. Right-handed spin polarization of the substance and specially selected information allow you to suppress the causes in the body.  diseases: viruses, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, atypical cells, helminths and their toxins and actively remove toxic products from the body.

When taking water obtained with the help of the device, and the use of the device for massaging the face and body, the initiation of autocorrection of the functional state of the body occurs, in which it is possible:

  • normalize energy in the volume of the surrounding space within a room, a small apartment;
  • neutralize the negative radiation of mobile phones, monitors, TVs, etc.;
  • replenish human energy in closed reinforced concrete and metal rooms;
  • suppress the vital activity of viruses, atypical (cancerous) cells, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, helminths, remove them from the body and carry out detoxification;
  • ensure the restoration of the immune system;
  • destroy to the molecular level stones in organs and the deposition of salts in the vessels;
  • suppress inflammatory processes and chronic diseases;
  • carry out anesthesia for injuries, wounds, bone fractures;
  • ensure rapid healing of wounds without the formation of keloid sutures;
  • ensure the rapid formation of bone callus in bone fractures (5-7 days);
  • ensure the restoration of trophism of muscles, joints;
  • restore the subtle energy system of a person (the work of three channels, seven chakras), his magnetic field;
  • restore the biological integrity of the body and its control systems (brain structures);
  • restore energy-information exchange in the body and organism with the energy-information field of outer space;
  • increase the speed of processes in the regeneration of organs according to the method of A.N. Petrov;
  • ensure the elimination of breakdowns in DNA, both acquired during life and hereditary;
  • improve blood circulation and metabolism;
  • improve skin elasticity, tighten the face and reduce mimic wrinkles;
  • deep cleansing and long-term moisturizing of the skin;
  • significantly improve the rate of absorption of skin care products, as well as significantly increase their effectiveness due to spin polarization.

The effectiveness of the energy-informational spin-field autocorrection method was confirmed by the method of resonance-wave dynamic diagnostics (according to I.V. Orzhelsky) and the Kirlian method for 8 years.

Water, structured by the device, is an information-active, antioxidant, detoxifier, oncoprotector, radioprotector, suppresses the vital activity of viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths, increases proliferative activity and vital activity of cells, restores energy, activates the protective functions of the body, enhances the effect of drugs, synchronizes and restores the biorhythms of the body, removes fatigue and stress stress, improves the taste of drinks, the shelf life of food, the rate of precipitation of impurities and salts in the sediment increases in water, it self-restores to a natural state and acts in the body as an information-wave normalizer, using the energy of Outer Space and the Earth. The norm of the subtle energy system passes into the physiological norm of the body, the karma of a person and his social life change. When  the body becomes healthy, the spiritual qualities of a person are restored, the spirit becomes healthy: your right thoughts, actions, experiences. You will become a highly spiritual person.

Device and principle of operation

AQUACORRECTOR is an energy-informational quantum spin polarizer of space and matter, inside of which information is recorded on a spin-polarized medium in the form of energy-information copies of herbs, trees from Tibet, Siberia, Altai, Ukraine, stones, prayers, medicines selected by vibrations. Field radiation of the AQUACORRECTOR  series devices has the properties of the Earth’s energy, atmosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth. A distinctive feature of the AQUACORRECTOR OG from all known devices for neutralizing negative radiation is the presence of a uniquely established right-handed (right) spin polarization of fields and radiation in space and matter, the translation of the necessary recorded information and the transformation of the left-screw (negative) field into a right-handed (positive) field. The standard AQUACORRECTOR operates in a close action position: at a distance of 0-10 cm.  a person’s autospectra is his energy-informational copy, which completely excludes information about diseases, pathologies, DNA breakdowns. Such a device radiates information into Outer Space at the frequencies of this person about the “correct” state of health of the body and acts at any distance, restores it, removing all negative energy and information from the body (the effect of “long-range action” is well shown in the works of Russian academicians Kaznacheev V.P.) . Information can be recorded on the device from a person, his photo or from his special information card in absentia. The device then works in the ideal autospect of a person, ensuring the normalization of his energy, psycho-emotional state and his health at any distance due to the similarity of resonant-wave characteristics and spin polarization. A personified AQUACORRECTOR is the keeper and restorer of the integrity of the energy-information field (aura) of a person, his ideal DNA and state of health, ensures his personal safety, protects him from  negative influences from the outside, his negative thoughts and experiences, changes his social life, prevents the aging process and is a means of rejuvenation.


AQUACORRECTOR OF ENERGY, MASSAGER allows you to carry out spin structuring of the energy of space and matter, is used to obtain spin-structured information-active water, food, for healing and prevention of the body, to eliminate negative radiation of household appliances, for the prevention and improvement of the body with the help of a complex reflex-restorative massage. Massage affects certain zones and biologically active points of a person, causing a positive  the reaction of the internal organs associated with these zones. Due to this effect, there is a beneficial effect on the tissue environment of the organ affected by the disease. Also, the pathological process is stopped, which allows you to stop the development of malaise. Our body is connected as a single system. In this regard, any malaise can be regarded as a disease of the whole organism. Applying reflex-restorative massage locally, it is possible to cause changes associated reflexively with organs and tissues. Simply put, by causing changes in a certain area, we seem to affect the entire body, since all zones and points are regulated by the nerve endings of the same segments of the spinal cord. Very sensitive reflex points can help identify in which organs there is a violation, and the elimination of the problem itself helps to restore the normalization of recovery. Massage provides normalization of all organs of muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory systems, digestion; normalization of metabolism (weight loss up to 10 kg per month), elimination of salt deposits, insomnia, irritability, helps to achieve thoughtlessness, tranquility, quickly relieves fatigue, pain, relieves swelling, reduces hunger, increases efficiency, vital energy and activity. The procedure is carried out for 3-4 weeks every day at night or in the morning. A detailed recommended massage technique is described in the instructions for use.

The device allows you to carry out spin ultrasonic vibration ion lifting of the face and body. This helps to improve blood circulation and metabolism, tighten the face, narrow pores, improve skin elasticity and reduce facial wrinkles. Due to spin polarization, a significant improvement in the rate of absorption of skin care products is possible, their effectiveness increases significantly due to spin polarization, which means that their consumption decreases.


Do not expose the device to an alternating magnetic field, exposure to a high temperature of more than 60 degrees Celsius, do not violate the integrity of the device structure. Do not allow the device to be in direct sunlight.

The service life of the device is at least 5 years.

Product Declaration

The use of AQUACORRECTOR has nothing to do with medicine. This product can not be used as a direct substitute for any medicine and is not used to diagnose, alleviate, treat or prevent any disease. Its use in no case means the rejection of medical methods of treatment. If any suspicion of the occurrence of any diseases, please contact your doctor first.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the configuration and characteristics of the goods without notice. At the same time, the functional and qualitative indicators of the goods remain the same or only improve.

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For the best impact, it is recommended to use the device in combination with the following products:

  • AQUACORRECTORS – devices for photon, magnetic, information-active, spin-field personalized aquacorrection. Designed to suppress viruses, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, helminths, their toxins in the body and space, as well as to restore the body at the energy, genetic, cellular, organ levels.
  • AQUAINITIATOR of individual (targeted) influence – triggers the regeneration of the body to its natural state.  The process of restoring the original integrity of the damaged structure (the original “drawing”) is underway. The program in the format of AQUAINIATOR builds in the life field of human events situations that are necessary and favorable to him.
  • Aquaconditioners series “TITANIA”. Devices with multi-stage systemtheme of water conditioning. TITANIA conditions water using electrochemistry and biophotonics methods at the molecular level, being purified from almost any substances and influences harmful to the human body, acquiring as a result of processing special combinations of electric currents and modulated physical fields, the most complete range of useful properties. Healing largely depends on how clean and healthy water a person drinks, since he himself consists of water.

What are AQUACORRECTOR series devices?

AQUACORRECTOR is a unique device. It is a former of the flow of dexterous fields (the right-turning field relative to the movement of the energy flow), as well as a converter of the flow of left-spiral fields into right-spiral ones in the entire natural spectrum of frequencies and the human biofield in the frequency range from zero to infinity. In the scope of its action, aquacorrector removes negative energy (left-spiral field) created by geopathic zones, electronic devices:

computers, televisions, mobile phones, copiers, powerful mobile transmission stations and so on; as well as the negative energy of human psychophysical activity. AQUACORRECTOR is a neutralizer of negative energies and an activator of the action of the positive energy of space. The aquacorrector provides on its way a homogeneous fractal-spin orientation of the flow of energy in space and molecules in matter. The right-wing orientation of quasiparticles is natural and primordial and ensures the progressive development of life and natural processes on Earth. It is believed that at each point in space, as in a hologram, correct information is recorded about the development of the Universe from the beginning to its end, including about every person living on Earth. AQUACORRECTOR provides long-term retention of the coherent spin state of material bodies and space.

Structured water

Structured water has unique properties:

  • in the volume of water, the information acquired by water during its existence and processing is completely erased. Information from programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format is easily transferred (recorded) to the water.
  • it has a right-handed (right) spin polarization of molecules, fractal (similar) energy of Outer Space. Through such water, the body receives energy and restores the energy exchange of the body and outer space, the energy of which restores the body at the energy, cellular and organ levels;
  • water has an extremely finely dispersed structure;
  • suppresses the vital activity of pathogenic microflora;
  • provides detoxification of the body;
  • restores cellular metabolism, input-salt exchange and energy-information exchange with Outer Space; provides regeneration of humans and animals at the energy-informational, cellular and organ levels.

Structured water is recommended to water animals and water plants.

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