The action the AQUAINITIATOR of purpose is manifested in the fact that even in an unfavorable environment it helps the individual (collective or social group) to be in the mood necessary to achieve the goal, stimulating various favorable processes (for example, the process of autosynchronization).

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To obtain a AQUAINITIATOR of purpose, a 3D model of the target is created in a mock-up version on the corresponding practical training course SPIRAL OF THE TRANSITION METHOD. The created 3D model of the target using certain methodological approaches of creativity and creation is the basis for obtaining a radio-optical hologram, which in turn is the basis for obtaining a AQUAINITIATOR of purpose.

“Life is animated water”

Leonardo da Vinci

With the help of a hardware and software complex, a topographic image of a three-dimensional resonator is filmed and on its basis an AQUAINITIATOR of purpose is developed – both of an individual and a collective and social groups.

AQUAINITIATOR is a key or set of addresses to a simulated target. The action of the purpose AQUAINITIATOR is manifested in the fact that even in an unfavorable environment it helps the individual (collective or social group) to be in the mood necessary to achieve the goal, stimulating various favorable processes (for example, the process of autosynchronization).

System correction technologies are a new approach to solving problems in various fields:

  • intelligent systems and biotechnologies;
  • ecology and healthcare;
  • management and goal-setting;
  • production and processing.

The program in the format of AQUAINITIATOR (Multifractal tuning fork) of individual impact is the result of a unique technology and triggers the regeneration of the body to its natural state.  The process of restoring the original integrity of the damaged structure (the original “drawing”, the hologram of a person) starts. THE AQUAINITIATOR adjusts the body to a frequency that coincides with the original natural vibrations of a person, the body acquires the desired resonance, the body is attuned to natural frequencies. The human hologram is subject to restoration and the acquisition of structural integrity. The aqua-field (“aura” / “biofield” is restored “) a person. This rise in energy revives the systems and organs of the human body and makes a person able to receive, recognize and absorb the information coming to him.

The basis for obtaining programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format are radio-optical holograms (ROG), readable using a special hardware and software complex (APK) based on multimode frequency-stabilized lasers and other generators of physical fields from various samples – donors of natural origin (medicinal herbs, beekeeping products, seafood, minerals and much more).

AQUAINITIATOR is a deep impact model obtained by software transforming radio-optical holograms (topographic images) from various donor objects of living and inanimate nature.

AQUAINITIATOR is recorded in the form of a special program and is supplied for further use in various versions:

  • on removable media (flash drive, player);
  • file on the Internet in various formats (depending on the wishes of the customer). The duration of the program is from 3 to 15 minutes. The program is ready to be played on any household devices designed to play audio, video files and view images (computer, audio, video player, mobile phone, etc.);
  • in the form of a control program for devices based on various generators of physical fields;
  • in the form of a kit for devices with a multi-stage water conditioning system “TITANIA”;
  • the form of various stickers with holograms applied to them;
  • on various crystals, on which AQUAINITIATORS are applied using special lasers.

AQUAINITIATOR is made using a unique technology, where the technology of linguistic-wave genetics is taken as a basis and has been significantly improved by us. The development  of LVH is based on an expanded understanding of the functions of the genetic code. This is a record of EMSHI spin-ordered information that is contained in the umbilical cord blood, placenta, photograph of the child, any substance, etc. A healing and corrective effect is achieved by listening, viewing and  etc. patterns of exposure in a certain way. At the level of consciousness, this is perceived by a person as a noise or flicker, accompanied by various sensations.

To transmit the wave equivalent of genetic and metabolic information from the Donor to the Recipient, we use a hardware and software complex based on a helium-neon frequency-stabilized laser. Tests are underway on a laser in the blue region of the spectrum, which will be even more effective.

Proven methods and applications of AQUAINITIATORS:

When using AQUAINIATORS, no side effects were detected.


  • Only individual targeted information impact, which has either directly on a person, or on water, which is then used by a person.
  • You pay once and you use it all your life.
  • Unlimited shelf life and use.

Our advantages

  • Versatility of application (in any conditions, on any household devices).
  • Acceptable price level.
  • Loyalty programs to customers and our representatives.
  • New equipment, constantly improving technologies, modern developments that increase efficiency and expand the scope of application of AQUAINITIATORS.
  • Each copy of our AQUAINITIATORS and programs based on software AQUAINITIATORS is protected by an electronic registered certificate.

Also, it should be remembered that our technology allows you to eliminate various functional disorders (pathologies) of the body, subject to the active and responsible participation of the person himself.  It is necessary to observe the regularity and consistency of the use of this technology. The responsibility for this lies directly with the customer.

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For a better understanding of the technology we use, we recommend that you watch the video
Report at the Congress “Energy Medicine 2015”, Sviatoslav Tarasenko, Germany.
TOPIC: “Reagent-free change in the properties of water and hardware-software complex for its implementation”

Sviatoslav Tarasenko is a researcher, the creator of models of influence in the AQUAINITIATOR format, the developer of a set of devices, including an intelligent system for initiating specified properties in the ISI aquasystems and TITANIA aquaconditioners, a teacher of his own methodology of self-awareness, self-development, self-realization and goal-setting.

For best impact, it is recommended to use MTF in combination with the following devices:

  • ISI is an intelligent system for initiating specified properties in aquasystems. It is an integral part of the technologies of system correction. The effect of the device is achieved by translating combinations of acoustic and electromagnetic signals obtained using a research hardware and software complex based on devices of the series “TITANIA” (water must be purified and ininfo-free) and aquatic environments. Allows you to transfer / “record” programs in aquainitiator format in the acoustic, infrared, optical and other ranges of electro-magnetic waves, which makes it possible to effectively transfer the beneficial properties of donor samples (medicinal herbs, products) beekeeping, minerals and much more) on the substance.
  • Aquaconditioners series “TITANIA”. Devices with multi-stage systemtheme of water conditioning. TITANIA conditions water using electrochemistry and biophotonics methods at the molecular level, being purified from almost any substances and influences harmful to the human body, acquiring as a result of processing special combinations of electric currents and modulated physical fields, the most complete range of useful properties. Healing largely depends on how clean and healthy water a person drinks, since he himself consists of water.
  • AQUACORRECTORS – devices for photon, magnetic, information-active, spin-field personalized aquacorrection. Designed to suppress viruses, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, helminths, their toxins in the body and space, as well as to restore the body at the energy, genetic, cellular, organ levels.


Sviatoslav Tarasenko conducted a series of experiments to study the reagent-free change in the properties of water (field transfer of the properties of donor objects to water). Purpose: to fix the result of the impact of information signals in the format of AQUAINITIATOR on water and metals.

Samples of frozen water after influence to an information signal in the format AQUAINITIATOR

Read the results and experiments

For more information, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rubric

AQUAINITIATOR of your purpose, AQUAINITIATOR of the collective purpose


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