The laser module is designed to initiate specified properties in aquasystems by translating active bioresonance information in laboratory and domestic conditions.

1. Purpose

Laser module for ISI-1.003, hereinafter referred to as the installation is designed to initiate specified properties in aquasystems by translating active bioresonance information in laboratory and domestic conditions.

2. Operating conditions

The laser is designed for operation at ambient temperatures from +15 to +350C and relative humidity at a temperature of +250C not more than 93% without condensation of moisture.

The laser is powered from a single-phase AC network with a voltage of 220V ± 10% with a frequency of 50 Hz, power consumption – 100W. The length of the power harness is 2.5 m.

3. Technical data

Wavelength of laser radiation, nm – 632.8;

Average laser power (2 orthogonal channels)

scattered radiation, not less than, mW – 10;

Generation mode:

test – continuous;

translation – modulation of polarization from0 0 to 900 in 2 orthogonally polarized channels.

Modulation frequency of polarization of laser radiation, not less than, kHz – 100;

Solid projection angle, not less than – 300;

The shape of the projection field is a square;

Exposure time – set by the timer of the external broadcast program;

Continuous operation time, hour, not more than – 8;

Overall dimensions of the installation without a tripod, mm, not more than – 200h600h100h;

Weight, kg, not more than – 10 kg.

4. Completeness of delivery

Installation – 1 copy.

Instruction manual, technical description – 1 pc.

5. Device

The installation is a complex of the following devices placed in a metal case:

– He-Ne лазер типа ЛГН-115;

– electro-optical polarization modulator;

– control device;

– projection device.

Bringing laser radiation to the object is carried out by direct projection through the exit enlightened window.

6. General Guidelines

3apysk and operation of the Installation are carried out only after studying these operating instructions.

7. Instructions for security measures

7.1. The following persons are allowed to work with the Installation:

  • who have reached the age of 18 and have no medical contraindications;
  • prepared in accordance with the requirements of the “Rules for the Technical Operation of Electrical Installations of Consumers” (PTE) and having studied this instruction manual;
  • instructions for labor protection when working with lasers, as well as those who have been instructed at the workplace;
  • who have been trained in safe techniques and methods of work in accordance with the “Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements for Physical Factors in the Workplace” (SanPiN–16).

7.2. High voltage is used to power the Plant – do not open the Installation housing.

7.3. Beware of contact with laser radiation in the eyes.

7.4. When servicing the Installation, it is not allowed to:

  • carry out work with the lids of the Unit open;
  • look into a direct beam of radiation;
  • work with a faulty Installation;
  • leave the Installation enabled unattended.

8. Getting started

8.1. Place the Mount on a tripod by securely securing the mounting screw.

8.2. Connect the control wire.

8.3. Plug the Installation plug into the outlet.

9. Inclusion Procedure

9.1. Move the network toggle switch on the bottom panel of the Setup to the “I” position, while the red indicator light on the front panel will light up.

9.2. Issue the “TEST” control command, the Green INDICATOR lights up on the front panel and hover the projected image on the object.

9.3. Issue the control command “BROADCAST”, the Blue INDICATOR will light up on the front panel. Carry out the procedure until it is over.

10. Storage

10.1. Storage of installations should be carried out in heated ventilated rooms at a temperature of +5 to 40° Cand a relative humidity of not more than 80% at a temperature of +25° C.

10.2. After transportation or storage, the Installation must be kept at a temperature of +10 to 40°C and a relative humidity of not more than 93% for at least 12 hours.


The Manufacturer guarantees the compliance of the Installation with the technical specifications given in the passport, provided that the consumer complies with the modes and conditions of operation, storage and transportation rules regulated by this passport and operating instructions.

Guaranteed service life – 12 months from the date of commissioning of the Unit with a guaranteed operating time of 5,000 hours.

In case of violation of seals, the supplier company is not responsible for the quality of the supplied equipment and does not accept complaints.

The Manufacturer undertakes to eliminate the defects identified in the Installation during the warranty period as soon as technically possible at his own expense, if the operating rules given in this passport and the operating instructions are not violated.

Warranty repair is performed at the manufacturer’s enterprise.

The warranty includes replacement of spare parts and repair work. Transportation costs are charged to the buyer.

The warranty does not cover the following faults:

  1. Mechanical damage to the product;
  2. Defects caused by natural disasters;
  3. Damage caused by water and increased network voltage;
  4. Self-repair and change of internal switching.

The warranty period may be extended by agreement of the parties.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the configuration and characteristics of the goods without notice. At the same time, the functional and qualitative indicators of the goods remain the same or only improve.

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