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Devices with multi-stage water conditioning system. TITANIA conditions water using electrochemistry and biophotonics methods at the molecular level, purifying it from almost any substances and influences harmful to the human body. Water acquires, as a result of treatment with special combinations of electric currents and modulated physical fields, the fullest range of useful properties.

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Devices with multi-stage water conditioning system. “TITANIA” conditions water using electrochemistry and biophotonics methods at the molecular level, purifying it from almost any substances and effects harmful to the human body. Water acquires, as a result of treatment with special combinations of electric currents and modulated physical fields, the fullest range of useful properties.

“Water is the only drink of a wise man”.
Henry David Thoreau.
American writer, thinker, natural scientist, public figure 1817 – 1862

Water purification at the first stage is carried out by electrochemical methods by supplying electric current to groups of electrodes from specially selected alloys (titanium, magnesium, silicon, etc.). Depending on the level of special requests of the end user, such groups of electrodes in the models of aquaconditioners of the TITANIA series are installed from 3 to 13. The supply of currents to the groups of plates initiates the processes of electrocoagulation, microcavitation, vortex, electroflotation  This allows you to remove from it almost any kind of contaminants and influences. Substances useful for human life, such as chlorides, hydrogen ions, potassium, sodium, silicon, magnesium, calcium, sulfates, bicarbonates and carbonates, as well as special dynamic, multifractal structures of the hydrogen bond grid remain. Such critical indicators as ORP can be adjusted at this stage of conditioning from -70 mV to -1300 mV, and pH  from 2.5 to 12.

As a result, the water becomes informationless and perceives new information well (programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format) from the processing unit modulated physical fields, which is an integral element of the technologies for initiating system correction. The effects at this stage of processing are achieved by translating into the conditioned water combinations of modulated acoustic, magnetic and electromagnetic fields obtained using research. The dynamic structure of the grid of hydrogen bonds in prepared water, the optical activity of water and many of its other properties becomes possible to prepare addressed (for each specific person, or plant, or colony of microorganisms).

At the third stage, the residues of the coagulant are removed from the water, after which it can retain the widest range of exceptionally useful properties for a long time (from 2 to 40 days).

The device also implements the principles of the phenomenon of aquacommunication (the ability of water to perceive, preserve, transmit and lose the properties of the object with which it interacts), the principles of linguistic-wave genetics and spin-polarized physical waves generated by the twisting of space.

It should be remembered that water is a natural universal radio system capable of displaying and transmitting the properties of a donor object or an acting field, encoding it in the structure of some aquaphragments of the hydrogen grid with the formation of appropriate aqua models of action.

Areas of application of aquaconditioners series “TITANIA”: home, office, production, sanatoriums, relaxation rooms, greenhouse farming, medicine, biotechnology, genetics.

All harmful substances, including organic compounds, are actively bound, turning into a light, harmless foam, which is formed during the ongoing reactions in the reactor and is then easily removed.

In the process of soft treatment of water with weak currents, atomic oxygen and hydrogen are formed in the reactor, which, in addition to participating in electrochemical reactions, actively raise and retain the formed foam on the surface. This foam (sludge) is collected by a special sludge collector.

Treated water is extremely active, saturated with active forms of oxygen and hydrogen, unique and balanced in mineral composition, meets all modern requirements, and is delicious.  Ithas excellent pH (acid-base balance) and ORP (redox potential), which are an order of magnitude higher (in terms of maintaining human health at the proper level) than all known drinks, even such as freshly prepared carrot juice and sprouted wheat juice.

The water prepared by TITANIA aquaconditioners contributes to the processes of self-healing of the body, intercellular metabolism, excretion of harmful substances from the body, renewal of the blood composition that occurs in humans every six months, maintaining skin tone and other processes aimed at maintaining the smooth functioning of human organs and life support systems (including the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system).

People are located in various climatic and geographical locations, and of the huge number of tasks, one of the most important is to provide them with high-quality drinking water.

Unlike devices with membrane technology (removing everything useful from water, including for maintaining health), the TITANIA aquaconditioner retains the salt composition of water necessary for human life, removing only harmful impurities.

Unlike sorption technologies, the aquaconditioner “TITANIA” does not accumulate contaminants in itself, turning the original water into a unique product – the miracle water of centenarians, namely: in benign, biologically complete, purified from salts of heavy metals, epidemiologically safe, having a given pH , which has a surface tension close to the surface tension of the blood, which has a reduction potential (ORP) of the order of – 70 mV -1300 mV (a powerful water antioxidant, in its reducing properties by an order of magnitude exceeds even such antioxidants as carrot and beet juices and sprouted wheat juice). Such water contributes to non-drug stimulation of the work of all organs and systems, including the activation of capillary blood supply, and increases the level of cellular immunity indicators, i.e. allows you to prevent bacterial and viral diseases.

Thus, the use of water prepared in aquaconditioners “TITANIA” can significantly contribute to the prevention and prevention of diseases of internal organs (in particular diabetes), complementing traditional methods of treatment, and in some cases replacing them.

The use of water with such properties is a powerful prevention of human health, leading to new technologies in the field of demography, genetics, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

1. Composition of the aquaconditioner “TITANIA”:

  • Titanium reactor for water treatment.
  • Set of electrodes (from 3 to 13 depending on the model).
  • Analysis, control and monitoring unit (available on request).
  • Electro-chemical water treatment unit.
  • Processing unit with modulated physical fields.
  • Filtration capacity (made of stainless steel, titanium, ceramics, glass of choice).
  • Container for storage of prepared water (depending on the configuration) made of titanium, ceramics or glass.

2. Technical characteristics of the aquaconditioner “TITANIA”:

  • Power supply – rechargeable batteries.
  • Capacity – from 2 to 20 liters per cycle.
  • Cycle time – from 45 sec. up to 30 min.

3. Resource of the elements of the aquaconditioner “TITANIA”

  • Service life of a set of soluble electrodes before replacement is about 1500-2000 liters.
  • The service life of the device is about 10 years.

4. Complete set of “TITANIA”

  • Aquaconditioner “TITANIA”, 1 copy.
  • Cassettes with spare electrodes, 1 pc.
  • Filter elements, from 4 to 8 pcs.
  • Database of AQUAINITIATORS – 10 main programs in the memory of the device and a copy on a USB-card / microSD card / in the cloud service.
Performance4-40 l/h
Power supply12V DC, 110V AC, 220V AC, 50Гц
Mode of operationCyclic
Cycle time45 seconds to 30 minutes
Device lifeat least 10 years
Power Consumptionnot more than 120 W

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Experimental sample

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For a better understanding of the technology we use, we recommend that you watch the video
Report at the Congress “Energy Medicine 2015”, Sviatoslav Tarasenko, Germany.
TOPIC: “Reagent-free change in the properties of water and hardware-software complex for its implementation”

Sviatoslav Tarasenko is a researcher, the creator of models of influence in the AQUAINITIATOR format, the developer of a set of devices, including an intelligent system for initiating specified properties in the ISI aquasystems and TITANIA aquaconditioners, a teacher of his own methodology of self-awareness, self-development, self-realization and goal-setting.

For the best impact, it is recommended to use the device in combination with the following products:

  • AQUAINITIATOR of individual (targeted) influence – triggers the regeneration of the body to its natural state.  The process of restoring the original integrity of the damaged structure (the original “drawing”) is underway. The program in the format of AQUAINIATOR builds in the life field of human events situations that are necessary and favorable to him.
  • ISI is an intelligent system for initiating specified properties in aquasystems. It is an integral part of the technologies of system correction. The effect of the device is achieved by translating combinations of acoustic and electromagnetic signals obtained using a research hardware and software complex based on devices of the series “TITANIA” (water must be purified and ininfo-free) and aquatic environments. Allows you to transfer / “record” programs in aquainitiator format in the acoustic, infrared, optical and other ranges of electro-magnetic waves, which makes it possible to effectively transfer the beneficial properties of donor samples (medicinal herbs, products) beekeeping, minerals and much more) on the substance.
  • “VITON-Epf is a device for photon infrared information-active spin-field personalized therapy, designed to suppress viruses, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, helminths, their toxins in the body and space, as well as to restore the body at the energy, genetic, cellular, organ levels.


Sviatoslav Tarasenko conducted a series of experiments to study the reagent-free change in the properties of water (field transfer of the properties of donor objects to water). Purpose: to fix the result of the impact of information signals in the format of AQUAINITIATOR on water and metals.

Samples of frozen water after influence to an information signal in the format AQUAINITIATOR

Read the results and experiments

For more information, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rubric


Structured water

Structured water has unique properties:

  • in the volume of water, the information acquired by water during its existence and processing is completely erased;
  • it has a right-handed (right) spin polarization of molecules, fractal (similar) energy of Outer Space. Through such water, the body receives energy and restores the energy exchange of the body and outer space, the energy of which restores the body at the energy, cellular and organ levels;
  • water has an extremely finely dispersed structure;
  • suppresses the vital activity of pathogenic microflora;
  • provides detoxification of the body;
  • restores cellular metabolism, input-salt exchange and energy-information exchange with Outer Space;
  • provides regeneration of humans and animals at the energy-informational, cellular and organ levels.

Structured water is recommended to water animals and water plants.

  1. Preparation of structured water

Pour boiling water into a container (for example, 1 liter can), cover it with a saucer, put the device on the appropriate side for 5-10 minutes (time is not limited). After such treatment, water can initiate autocorrection of the functional state of the body and is able to restore human energy due to the energy of Outer Space and the Earth.


  • for water, use dishes made of natural materials;
  • you can prepare structured water from cold water (but it will be less effective);
  • structured water does not lose its properties during transfusion and storage;
  • if you put a substance or medicine on the device, its energy-information copy will be recorded on water;
  • when structuring any substance or food, “Viton-Ipm” put the appropriate side on the top, bottom or put on the side for 1 minute or more.
  1. Application of structured water
  • drink water on an empty stomach, in the morning 150-200 ml, children 50-100 ml), eat after half an hour (there may be an increased need to visit the toilet, this is normal, as there is an effective cleansing and detoxification of the body with the rejection of all unnecessary substances in the body);
  • you can drink water in a hot state (pleasant temperature) or room temperature. If you take hot water, you will increase cellular metabolism, the effect on the system of ear-throat-nose, bronchi-lungs, stomach. Taking cold water with salt is recommended to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), etc .;
  • take 150-200 ml of structured water, adding a little salt to the glass (the norm is one gram per liter), to normalize water-salt metabolism, the work of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminate swelling, normalize pressure, etc .;
  • liver tubage (cleaning) should be carried out for 7-8 days in a row: drink on an empty stomach 200-250 ml of hot structured water, adding honey, lemon, salt to taste (if there are no contraindications in diabetes mellitus or high acidity), lie on your right side for 20-30 minutes, bending your legs to your stomach;
  • reception of hot structured water with the addition to taste of lemon, salt, red bitter ground pepper, ginger, chicory normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, pylorus, genitourinary system, etc. (take in the morning on an empty stomach, eat in 40-50 minutes, drink three weeks necessarily);
  • taking structured water with the addition of lemon or grape vinegar helps to destroy and remove salts from the body (stones, sand, blood clots, gout, polyarthritis, sclerotic phenomena) and suppress certain types of parasitic microflora;
  • on the sore spot, it is useful to make a compress with structured water, adding salt to it (1 teaspoon per liter);
  • taking structured water enhances the positive effect of correctly prescribed drugs, reduces the negative impact of incorrectly prescribed drugs; thins the blood, spreads red blood cells in the blood, increases the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels;
  • when taking structured water, gradually reduce the number of medications taken;
  • use structured water for the preparation of drinks, food, face masks, etc.
    in acute conditions and poisoning, drink 100-150 ml of structured water with salt after 1 hour;
  • an adult should drink at least 1 liter per day, a child – 100-200 ml of structured water,
  • water animals with structured water, water flowers and plants.


Package bundle

Aquaconditioner "TITANIA" for 2 liters light, Aquaconditioner "TITANIA" for 2 liters full, Aquaconditioner "TITANIA" for 10 liters light, Aquaconditioner "TITANIA" for 10 liters full, Aquaconditioner "TITANIA" for 20 liters full


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